The Silent Story She Told

1192_Wood_0Wood, Susan. “Women in Action: A Statue of Matidia Minor and Its Contexts.” AJA Online. Web. April 2015. 20 April 2015.

This Roman replica showcases the features Roman statues are known for: formal/serious looking poses, non-fluid features in the body and muscles of the figure, and the hair in tight curls tamed to her head. This sculpture was found on: “excavations at the Antonine-era theater at Suessa Aurunca have yielded an unorthodox statue of the building’s patron, Matidia Minor, the sister of Hadrian’s wife, Sabina. This statue now permits the identification of Matidia’s portrait in six additional replicas” (Wood). This simple sculpture can help us to better understand the time period from when it was created, in the Roman Empire: “analysis of this statue in relation both to the portraiture and to the ideal statuary of the same era may allow for a broader understanding of the roles of elite women in Roman society in the Antonine era and of the iconography that expressed those roles” (Wood).


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