The Soldiers Untold Story


Lobell, A. Jarrett. “A Soldier’s Story.” Archaeological Institute of America. Web. 8 February 2013. April 20 2015.

This skeleton was a British soldier that fought in the battle of Waterloo, in 1815 (Lobell). Archaeologists can uncover the hidden truths about forgotten people, like this one, that never received a proper burial. The archaeologist that found the forgotten soldier conserved a significant piece of history: “he found the soldier while excavating before construction near the battle monument known as the Lion’s Mound” (Lobell). This find is a perfect example of why archaeologists are so important! If they do not check locations before they undergo construction, we could lose a piece of our history, gone forever, unable to be restored. “Sometimes a soldier’s story ends with his death on the battlefield” (Lobell). It is an Archaeologists’ job to figure out what that story was and to share it with others.


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