Contemporary Photography’s Impact on Archaeology

Morgan, Colleen. “CAA 2015: The Death (and Afterlife) of Archaeological Photography.” Web. 1 April 2015. 20 April 2015.

Archaeologists study cultures; this article, by Colleen Morgan is a good example of how Archaeologist examine diminishing cultures. She examines the new generation of photography and the death of the non-modified photography: “the networked image has both decentered the “reality” of the photograph by hosting endless modifications and reproductions of the image while at the same time providing the ability to reference (or trace) the original “real” work” (Morgan). She embraces this cultural change and thinks it is now a part of Archaeology that must be accepted. She states: “it is within this media ecology that we must understand archaeological photography, not simply as a separate methodology, but as part of a network of personal and professional digital practice” (Morgan).


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