The Four Branches of Anthropology

Peterson, Mark. University of Miami. “What Is Anthropology?” YouTube. Web. 1 September 2014. 19 April 2015.

This video by Professor Mark Peterson, of Anthropology-175, at the University of Miami goes over the sub-fields of Anthropology. One of the sub-fields of Anthropology is Archaeology. Within Archaeology there are different branches; there are four branches of Archaeology. One, Prehistoric Archaeology: which is simply studying humans from the past, before there was written word. Historic Archaeology: studying humans from the past, after there was written documentation. Underwater Archaeology: studying past artifacts that are under bodies of water. Finally, the branch that most people do not realize exist within the Sub-field of Archaeology, Archaeology of Contemporary Life: which is just studying the objects, used by humans, of present-day. Most people don’t realize that Archaeologists also study present day human beings. Archaeologist can work for businesses to try and find things that people could use; then the business would be able to make things that would sell. For instance, if an Archaeologist studies 20 families for a month, and discovers that families are always on the go, and could use a fast and easy way to make a meal for the whole family to enjoy; companies could use that information to create a product that could be more beneficial to the families and the company (making them more money.)


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